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Examine Tasker's portfolios, abilities, and badges on their profile, as well as the transaction verified ratings, reviews, and completion rating (to determine their dependability) on tasks they have already performed on TaskerOnIt. This gives you the ability to choose the best candidate for the job.

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Frequently asked questions​

What kinds of tasks are there to choose from?

On TaskerOnIt, a wide variety of tasks are available. From assistant tasks to office-based work like admin, document writing, and website design, to home care tasks like painting, cleaning, gardening, and other helper work. There are also a lot of fascinating jobs available, such moving homes, making deliveries, applying makeup, teaching, and constructing cabinets, etc. The customer will specify whether the task needs to be done in person or online and give timeframes for completion.

How am I going to be paid?

Using TaskerOnIt Secure Pay from the poster, you may begin working on the task with confidence that your payment has been safeguarded. The task poster will be alerted when you finish the assignment and submit a request for payment, and payment will then be released. This is then safely sent to the bank account you have designated. When the payment is released, TaskerOnIt automatically deducts a service fee to cover variable transaction costs as well as ongoing maintenance fees in order to continuously expand and improve the TaskerOnIt platform and maximise your opportunity to earn more.

Who will I be collaborating with?

You can collaborate with anybody you feel most at ease with. You can determine if you want to assist a poster by looking at their profile and previous reviews when browsing tasks.

How can I receive task alerts and notifications?

Certainly! By setting up task alerts in your profile settings, we'll notify you whenever new tasks that fit your interests are added.